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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often do they have practice?

Novice typically practices 2 times a week.  JV/Varsity practice 3 times during the week, and will also have periodic Saturday practices, when they can be scheduled.


Q: Where are practice held?

At the Bangor High School Wrestling room.


Q: Can we sit in the room and watch practice?

Unfortunately no. There is no room for parents to be in the wrestling room.   In addition street shoes are not allowed in the wrestling room at any time.


Q: Do we have to stay for the whole practice?

No, as long as your child is old enough to use the bathroom, and be able to walk from the wrestling room down the hall (20 yards) to the bathroom and back on their own. If you choose to leave, You need to be available in case we need you. Make sure we have a working phone number (cell, home, work, etc) for you.  If you do leave please be back at least 10 minutes before practice ends. Any announcements to parents are typically made during this time.

If you chose to stay in the hallway and wait during practice, You must remain unobtrusive, and not interfere with other High School activities. Siblings of wrestlers cannot be playing/ running in the hallway. School security will ask you to leave the premises if this is the case.


Q: When are Matches?

Matches are held on weekends from December thru the end of January. (Nothing over the holiday week) In addition the Varsity team will also do some tournaments in November, and possibly other times during the season.


Q: How is the varsity and JV team chosen? And if my child does not make one of the teams that mean he will not wrestle at all?

The Varsity and JV team are determined by “Wrestle Off” .  "Wrestle Off" is a mini in-house tournament run in practice to determine who the most skilled wrestlers are. In addition the coaches might call for a “wrestle off” any time during mid-season if they think a wrestlers, who lost in the wrestle off, had improved significantly during the season.

If your child does not make either team, he will wrestle on the exhibition squad. The wrestlers on the exhibition squad will also have matches at every event, although many of them will not be scored by referees.

In addition, the coaches reserve the right to demote a wrestler from either the Varsity or JV squad for missing practice or behavioral issues.


Q: Will my child be guaranteed to wrestle at every match?

Ideally yes, but in reality no. We will have a match arraigned for every wrestler, but in *rare* instances the other team may forfeit a match. At the JV/Varsity level, if the other team forfeits, there is often no way to arraign a match later, but we will make every attempt to.

At the Exhibition level, every wrestler will get 1-3 matches per event, sometimes more.


Q: I have heard wrestlers are always losing weight. Is this true? Will my child always be trying to lose weight?

NO! We want kids to wrestle at as close to their natural weight as can be arraigned. In some instance kids are wrestling at their EXACT natural weight. In those cases since a childs weight will fluctuate a few pounds in either direction, it is important to watch the weight day of , and the day before the match. (which just means eating healthy)   We will never ask a wrestler to cut weight.


Q: What are the weight classes?

For JV/Varsity:

46, 50, 54, 58, 61, 64, 67, 70, 73, 76, 80, 85, 90, 95, 105, 120, and 160

For exhibition, kids are matched up by the coaches at the event by their approximate weight and skill level.


Q: What equipment is required?

Participants will need wrestling shoes, and headgear.   Uniforms/Singlet will be provided by the club. We often have a selection of used wrestling’s shoes that we have available for free also.